From the 1st day I stepped through the doors of Katy BJJ back in September of 2011, I knew it would be home. I prepared to continue the training I started back in 2009 with my friends Craig HamletJohn LeonardBreydi Fuentes and Darwin Fuentes.

FIRST, Congratulations to my awesome training partners on their belt Promotions:  Robert McCarver Purple Belt and Kurt Hopke Blue Belt.

I made Jiu Jitsu a part of my life. It was not something extra, I have dedicated myself to it. Early on Jiu Jitsu needed me, the new White Belt to fall in love with it, to honor it, to give to it. But now, I need Jiu Jitsu, especially this past year. I've been down and life landed a brutal blow, and put me on the verge of quitting and walking away. But because of Jiu jitsu and the incredible people around me, they would not let me. Professor Ben Malmberg has been my instructor from day one. He has been a great instructor, mentor and most importantly, a friend. The trust he has extended me and the support he's given over the years speaks volumes. The McCarver family took me in when I had nothing. They've treated me and my boys like family. I don't think they realize how much they've saved me from a horrible demise and I will forever be indebted.

I want to thank my team at Katy BJJ, old and new training partners. Without you all challenging me and pushing me, this simply could not happen. I have always maintained that my success is dependant on your success. When I succeed, you succeed and vis versa. To all my other training partners that I've ever shared the mat with at an Open Mat or Seminar or wherever, thank you for giving me your time. You have been saving my life in very much the same way. For that period of time, the perils of my life do not exist, only Jiu Jitsu.

Faixa Marrom, another milestone, and another waypoint. I look forward to dedicating myself once again.


Congrats to Coach Jerome Roseborough promoted to Brown Belt!

Congrats to Coach Jerome Roseborough promoted to Brown Belt!

Ben Malmberg