In Our Jiu Jitsu Kids Program Your Child Will Experience…

Grade Improvement: The grades go up and stay up! Our program offers a lot more than just self-defense and physical agility. We make success a habit!

Leadership Skills: To help them succeed in life! Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will teach your child how to set goals and take responsibility for their own actions. These qualities, more than any others, will help your child develop as a leader and not as a follower. This, in turn, will ensure their success in school, college and life!

Increased Physical Aptitude and Fitness: To help your child develop physically! Our programs increase speed, stamina and agility in children. They also help develop balance, coordination and timing, which helps your child in sports and other activities.

Mental Development: To give your child the courage to say NO in the face of peer pressure! One of the scariest problems facing many parents today is the possibility that their child may become involved with drugs. The number of children taking drugs at a younger age is staggering. Our program is designed to promote self-confidence and self-esteem–giving your child the strength to resist peer pressure.

High Energy Classes: Fun-filled classes your child will truly enjoy! From the children’s point of view, the best part about our program is how much fun the classes really are. We focus your child’s energy in a positive and productive manner.

Realistic Self-Defense Skills: That could save your child’s life! While we wish it were not a factor in our program, that fact remains that we live in a world full of undesirable people. We don’t give children a false sense of reality by teaching them unrealistic flashy techniques – no jump kicks or karate chops here. Our kids learn the same techniques that our Adults are. Our program teaches your child how to protect themselves in real life threatening situations. This invaluable skill could be the difference between life and death!

Personalized Attention: To ensure rapid progress! We focus on quality instruction and personal attention. Our students are treated as individuals. All of our classes are taught by highly trained instructors committed to excellence and continued learning. You’ll feel safe knowing your child is receiving the finest instruction possible!


Internationally recognized Graduation System

Progress is marked by the IBJJF belt system, which takes the beginner from a white belt through a many variety of belt colors and until black. Progressing for each new level is a good exercise in setting and achieving goals.