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Professor Ben Malmberg

Professor Ben strives to follow the example of Carlson Gracie Jiu Jitsu his Professors have set before him, seeking to be a champion and to inspire all people to be champions on and off of the mats.

Ben is a BJJ Revolution Team Certified Instructor under Rodrigo Medeiros and Julio "Foca" Fernandez. In July 2016, Ben was promoted to Faixa Preta (black belt) becoming the 2nd to achieve this great honor from Prof. Jeff Messina of Revolution Dojo. While in Texas, Ben also had the privilege to train Muay Thai with one of the foremost coaches Mark “The Hyena” Beecher.

Now in Utah, Professor Ben is the head instructor at BJJ Revolution Park City. Ben is also proud to part of the Carlson Gracie Utah team and trains regularly at First BJJ with Professors Suyan Queiroz and Carlos Santos, and assists them with their Impact BJJ tournaments.

Off of the mat, Ben is a father of 3 exceptional little girls, and an accomplished student of the neurosciences. Specializing in Magnetic Source Imaging and EEG for epilepsy and TBI cases. He was trained by some of the first, and most accomplished MD/PhDs in the field. While in Texas, Benjamin Malmberg was a Research Associate with UT Health’s MEG Lab and had the honor of co-authoring several peer reviewed journal publications. He also played a critical role in the pre-surgical brain mapping for hundreds of clinical pediatric epilepsy cases while working at Children’s Hermann Memorial Hospital, and held Sr. Project Manager position with Texas Children's Hospital’s MEG project.

Professor Ben believes in seeking out the best instruction, and in being very methodical and results driven in his approach to all he does. He considers himself a forever student. To Ben “lineage” is very important, and he strives to be a strong link in the chain of excellence on and off the mats as a Father, Instructor, and Student.



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